Signs and Labels Direct Ltd business concept

Being a licensed Electrician himself, our Founder, Mr. Gustafsson needed signs and labels for installations on a daily basis. Unfortunately his needs could not be met by any sign manufacturer at the time and his installations were being delayed as a result. He created the Signs and Labels Direct Ltd business concept in order to meet these needs.

The sign makers who were on the market at the time were often too small and manufactured far more than just plastic signs & labels which prevented them from producing large orders efficiently. This created a problem when trying to place orders in a cost effective manner.

Then there was the issue of slow delivery times. At the end of an installation you receive the supporting documents and you are ready to order your signs. This is why it's so important that there be a system for rapid order handling, production and delivery allowing you to complete the installation without any further delay. Like so many other things in the computer age, the best solution is based on the Internet, specifically adapted software and fast automated production.

To submit the entire order for your signs, all you do is log into the Signs and Labels Direct on your web browser and create your signs using our unique Sign Studio web-tool directly in the browser. The moment you place your order it is instantly received at Signs and Labels Direct and production is immediately set underway allowing our staff to complete the order without delay to your installation.

With this automated system orders are guaranteed to be shipped out to the customer within 24 hours after receiving the order.

For more than 18 years our team has been providing installations with engraved plates and labels to over 32,000 customers. Based on our experience we are confident that you will get exactly what you ordered, fast, while still maintaining the quality demanded by todays professionals.

We use the latest in engraving materials. Specially developed for laser-engraving with the unique characteristics of this technology.

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