Pipe Marking

Make your own Pipe Markings in four-colour printing or why not use or adapt our templates.
Pipe Markings are used to easily identify the contents of a pipe before a contractor or operator starts maintenance work. It is vitally important that the contents of a pipe can be identified so that preparation and a risk assessment can be started before maintenance or drainage of a pipe begins.

The British Standard 1710 pipe marking code requires that information about pipe contents must be provided using at least one of the following methods:

  • The full name
  • The common abbreviation of the name
  • The chemical symbol
  • The appropriate colour bands (including specific colour coding specified for medical and general building services, and optional colour bands for refrigeration services).

It is also important to show the direction of flow on your pipe marking you can do this by adding a black or white arrow to your pipe marking. If you are using our online pipe marking tool you can just select the flow direction and change the colour to black or white, whichever contrasts the pipe marking colour best.

Pipe contents are divided into 11 different categories allocating a specific colour for each
The colour codes follow British Standard 4580
Green - 12 D 45: Water
Silver and Grey - 10 A 03: Steam
Brown - 06 C 39: Oils (mineral, vegetable or animal)
Yellow - 08 C 35: Gases (in either gas or liquid phase – except air)
Violet - 22 C 37: Acids / Alkalis.
Light Blue - 20 E 51: Air
Black - 00 E 53: Other Liquids
Orange - 06 E 51: Electrical Services & Ventilation Ducts.
Blue - 18 E 53: Fresh Water.
Red - 04 E 53: Fire Fighting.
Yellow - 08 E 53: Warning of Danger.
Pipe marking stickers

Pipe marking, blue with text, fresh water Pipe marking, green with text, water Pipe marking, yellow with text, warning
Fresh water, pipe marking Water, pipe marking Warning, pipe marking

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